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Easter Feaster

Okay I think the title says it all! Our Sunday Easter lunch really was a feast. We had our adopted family over “The Ursi” the only other family in Melbourne with the same surname as us, maybe related way, way, way, way, way, way back down the track… there was 5 of them and 2 of us.

Fortunately it was a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne so we were able to make use of our outdoor area with the roses blooming .

To start with we had an antipasto platter: Figs with goat’s and mascarpone cheeses, marinated split green olives, white anchovies (yum), capsicum pesto, bell peppers stuffed with goat’s cheese, and bruschette – traditional garlic & olive oil, tomato, and a cannellini bean dip and of course the cold cuts of prosciutto crudo and salami.

First course we had to have lasagne with lots of layers of pasta (hand made by yours truly). Second course, roast potatoes with roast rabbit, we even fired up the B.B.Q with pork and fennel sausages and aged rump steak. Served with a radicchio and fennel salad and focaccia pugliese (again made by me!). Dessert was tiramisu and bigne’, the bigne’ were filled with a vanilla bean creme patissiere, some were dipped in dark chocolate sauce and others were with toffee (just like Venice….). And there was a cheese platter of soft goat’s cheese, saracino (sheep’s cheese from Italy), montasio (from the Fiuli-Venezia Giulia & Veneto regions). What is Easter without Vin Santo (a dessert wine from Tuscany meaning “Holy wine”) and biscotti and easter eggs!!

So hopefully our guests weren’t too hungry when they left. Buon appetito. Alla prossima.


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