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So Easter is almost here or Pasqua. This is one of those times of year that Italian families all get together. Church is always full, you will definitely not find a seat, standing room only. There are parade successions around the villages with Christ on the cross. And at the end of the church service olive branches are given out to everyone to symbolise peace. These olive branches are kept in your house and exchanged the following easter for the new branch.

Then there is lunch of course Easter lunch what do they eat, well as most people are aware Italian cooking is regional cooking so it will vary. However the centre of Italy like Le Marche, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Umbria. They will no doubt have for the first course cappelletti with ragu’. Meaning “little hats”, made with fresh egg pasta and filled with 3 different types of mixed meats generally pork, veal & chicken, the pasta is then made into the shape of little hats and served with a mixed meat or wild boar ragu’.

Above “Cappelletti” Marchigiana style – made by my mother-in-law Gabriella 

Second course can vary but traditionally it would be roast rabbit or pigeon with roast potatoes, again this will depend where you live.

Like Christmas there is now a bread cake eaten afterwards at Christmas time it is Panettone. Which can also be eaten at Easter but these days there are so many varieties. The Easter one is La Colomba, more sugary and generally covered with almonds.

La Micia Cooking wishes everyone a safe and happy Easter – Buona Pasqua.


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