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What about roast capsicums, well one thing I’ve learnt from my in-laws and Italians in general that what is in season you use, what isn’t you wait. However if you are lucky enough to have a garden that is very abundant in its vegetable or fruit, you probably know how to store a lot of it when it is out of season.

Capsicums is one of the  many vegetables I’ve learnt to keep during their non growing season. A Signora Le Mura taught me this, who learnt from another Signora Le Mura (her mother-in-law). When capsicums are in season you roast a whole lot of them, pull the skin off, deseed and chop them and then store them in containers or plastic freezer bags and keep them in the freezer. You do not need to add anything to them. Pull out a container or bag when you need and defrost it. You will be very surprised at how they taste, I’ve not come across anyone who knew they have been frozen.

"Frozen roasted capsicum"

Next time when you think about buying or growing capsicums, why not roast a whole lot at the same time, that way you will always have some on hand. So the day you are time poor or could not be bothered to roast “a” capsicum, just pull it out of the freezer. ciao for now.


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